Workshops and Coaching

Are you looking for a creative, innovative writing workshop? Hire me! I have taught workshops on the following subjects:

  • The Basics of Writing Narrative Nonfiction

  • Story Arc and Structure in Storytelling

  • Developing your Voice

  • Making Feedback Productive

  • Using Humor to Make Your Point

I can also offer one-on-one coaching, feedback on your drafts, and general advice about writing and publishing narrative nonfiction and satire. Rates will vary based on request. I also have limited availability to provide free or sliding scale services to nonprofits and other community groups. Get in touch for more information!


“Harmony Cox has completely transformed my writing life. Between her genius edits, the thoughtful questions she poses to get you to dive deep into the heart of the story, her intimate knowledge of narrative arcs, and her technical know-how of the publishing industry and writing craft, she's a one-woman walking MFA. Her workshops are among the best you'll find anywhere. Any opportunity you have to learn from her is an opportunity you'd do well to take. I can't recommend Harmony highly enough.” - Mandy Shunnarah

Harmony Cox knows how to tell a story that makes an impression. Long after you've heard her tell it, you'll still be thinking about the story, the lesson, and most certainly, the voice. Harmony's voice is unique, and she knows how to help you find your unique voice, because she's done the hard work of finding her own. Harmony has given feedback on a number of my essays, and always identifies the piece of the puzzle that makes the biggest impression. She can point to the piece that you'll want to develop if you want people to remember your story, your voice, your point. I'm a fan of Harmony's writing and I'm a fan of her feedback. It is always useful, always helpful, and always tailored to help you become the best storyteller you can be.” - Amanda Page