Harmony Cox

Hello! I’m a queer Midwestern essayist, teacher and storyteller who lives in Columbus, OH.

Written Work

I primarily write essays and satire. My work focuses on understanding lived experiences through the lens of humor and pop culture. (It’s more fun than it sounds.) Check out a few of my favorite works to the right, or my full portfolio on Medium!

I am also always looking for opportunities to work with editors, agents, and new publication venues. If you’re interested in having me write for you, let me know!

Author Bio

Harmony Cox is a Midwestern essayist, humorist, and storyteller. She writes about intersections between feminism, pop culture, and personal experience. Her work has appeared in Narratively, Catapult, McSweeneys, Electric Literature, and elsewhere. Her writing has been selected for Narratively’s Top Ten of 2018, Story Club’s Story of the Month, and other honors. She is based in Columbus, Ohio and is a frequent featured performer at local open mics and literary events. She loves dogs, coffee, and writing things for you- yes, especially you.


How Wrestling Saved My Life and Let Me Express My Queerness (Catapult)

It was a neat trick I pulled on myself, tying the red string of my life to a violent, unending soap opera. Wrestling never stops, so I couldn’t stop, and thus I am still here.

There’s a Little Godzilla in All of Us (Electric Literature)

If there’s a moral here, it’s that we have to accept that there’s a little Godzilla in all of us. And maybe he’s scary at first, and hard to control, and he might torch a few buildings and crush a couple of tanks while you get to know him. But in the right setting, Godzilla can be a hero too.”

My Life as a Public Health Crisis (Narratively’s Best of 2018)

I don’t remember parents who didn’t love me. If anything, they loved me too much, and their love language came deep-fried. It may have hurt me in the long run, but that’s never been a sign that something wasn’t borne from love.”


How Dare You Submit to Our Literary Journal (The Belladonna)

We want emerging voices. And by ‘emerging,’ we mean ‘not currently represented by an agent, but still has a well-established following that we can leverage into sales of our journal.’ We define emerging voices as writers that have bylines at three major online publications, ten-thousand followers on Instagram, and at least one significant Twitter beef with Joyce Carol Oates.”

Matreon: The Patreon Platform for Emotional Labor (McSweeneys)

“For just a few dollars a month, you can continue to approach me with whatever the hell is on your mind regardless of context or appropriateness, and I will continue to do the emotional labor required to respond without calling you a privileged, myopic dipshit.”

We Must Remember Gulak The Baby-Eater As A Patriot, Not An Eater of Babies (Points in Case)

“So please join me in remembering Gulak the Baby-Eater: not as he was, but as we liked to believe he was. A hero. A patriot. A servant. A person who loved this country. And a person who we have all agreed to celebrate despite the fact he ate babies for nickels at many, many public events.”



Do you want to see my work live? You’re in luck! I perform often in Columbus. (I’d also love to be invited to perform in other places- just putting that out there.) I am a part of the live literature scene in my city, and I specialize in the kind of creative storytelling you’d hear on an episode of The Moth or Snap Judgement. I’ve appeared at the Columbus Arts Festival, ComFest, Speakeasy, Storyville, and other events.

I currently book and co-host Story Club Columbus, a true stories show and open mic that takes place at Rambling House on the first Tuesday of every month. I also share upcoming performances on my mailing list.

Do you want me to come tell you a story? Let’s talk!


“Egg Baby Week”, live at Storyville (July 2019)

“The Pussy Thing”, Story Club’s Story of the Month (August 2019)

“My Mother the Ghost”, Story Club feature (March 2018)

Workshops and Coaching

Are you looking for a creative, innovative writing workshop? Hire me! I have taught workshops on the following subjects:

  • The Basics of Writing Narrative Nonfiction

  • Story Arc and Structure in Storytelling

  • Developing your Voice

  • Making Feedback Productive

  • Using Humor to Make Your Point

I can also offer one-on-one coaching, feedback on your drafts, and general advice about writing and publishing narrative nonfiction and satire. Rates will vary based on request. I also have limited availability to provide free or sliding scale services to nonprofits and other community groups. Get in touch for more information!


“Harmony Cox has completely transformed my writing life. Between her genius edits, the thoughtful questions she poses to get you to dive deep into the heart of the story, her intimate knowledge of narrative arcs, and her technical know-how of the publishing industry and writing craft, she's a one-woman walking MFA. Her workshops are among the best you'll find anywhere. Any opportunity you have to learn from her is an opportunity you'd do well to take. I can't recommend Harmony highly enough.” - Mandy Shunnarah

Harmony Cox knows how to tell a story that makes an impression. Long after you've heard her tell it, you'll still be thinking about the story, the lesson, and most certainly, the voice. Harmony's voice is unique, and she knows how to help you find your unique voice, because she's done the hard work of finding her own. Harmony has given feedback on a number of my essays, and always identifies the piece of the puzzle that makes the biggest impression. She can point to the piece that you'll want to develop if you want people to remember your story, your voice, your point. I'm a fan of Harmony's writing and I'm a fan of her feedback. It is always useful, always helpful, and always tailored to help you become the best storyteller you can be.” - Amanda Page


Other Stuff

In case you couldn’t tell from the links above, I like to keep busy! I’m involved in a lot of fun, miscellaneous projects around Ohio and beyond. Check them out!

And hey, if you want to collaborate with me on something, why not let me know?

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